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Giving BackGBF: Supporting Vulnerable Families in Grimsby08/11/2021

The GBF (formerly known as the Grimsby Benevolent Fund) is a critical organization that supports Grimsby’s most vulnerable families. For many years, the organization has entertained ideas to expand its programming beyond its food bank and second-hand furniture and clothing warehouse, but had no opportunity to test these ideas.

On October 6, 2020 Castlepoint Numa met with GBF Board president Irene Podolak and executive director Stacy Elia and quickly realized the importance of GBF’s work in the community. Castlepoint Numa then offered the GBF leadership an opportunity to realize some of these aspirations.

Castlepoint quickly mobilized a renovation team to upgrade the space inside the Woolverton Hall at 19 Elm Street (formerly a billiards hall prior to its purchase by Castlepoint). In just 48 days, Woolverton Hall was upgraded and ready to be the new home to the GBF Wellness Hub.

In addition to providing Wolverton Hall to the GBF for their Wellness Hub, Castlepoint continues to support their fundraising initiatives, including their most recent Food Drive.

The GBF Wellness Hub focuses on improving the physical, mental, emotional and environmental health of their clients and the community. Learn more about the organization here: https://gbfgrimsby.com/