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UpdatesRelocating Frontlines in Weston, Toronto08/11/2021

For over 30 years, Frontlines has provided a safe place for youth in Weston Village to socialize, get assistance with their homework, have a snack or meal and learn new skills. In the spring of 2020, the roof at their rental building at 1844 Weston Road was damaged by a storm and the building was declared unsafe. Local Councillor Frances Nunziata reached out to us to see if we could be of assistance to help find Frontlines a temporary home.

Castlepoint readily agreed to the request from the Councillor and facilitated the use of 1798-1804 Weston Road, just south of its original location.

In addition to upgrading the building for Frontlines, Castlepoint secured the rear yard so it was safe and clean for kids to play, engaged a local artist to paint a bright mural called “Weston Flows” on its south elevation, in effect gutting and rehabilitating the building for its new users. A new restaurant quality kitchen was built to support Frontlines initiatives including their Catering Careers/Frontburners program that provides free 8-week courses to young adults aged 18-29 to prepare them for careers in the hospitality and restaurant industries. We have since also revitalized a once derelict laneway to the north painting it a bright bubblegum pink to create a welcoming area for eating lunch and other Frontlines outdoor activities. Dubbed the Pink Alley, it will provide a fresh opportunity for new murals by local artists.

We are thrilled to support this incredible organization that continues to play a vital role in the Weston community.

*Photograph of the new mural at Frontlines with the artist taken in 2020.